Home Energy Audits

Protecting The Environment And Your Wallet

Concerned about your energy bill? Worried that your heating and cooling system is not efficient enough and that you are wasting energy and money? Worried about our environment and carbon neutrality? Overwhelmed by too many options and too little information you can trust?

A Home Energy Audit is the first step towards making your home more energy efficient and comfortable. Schedule your Home Energy Audit today and get the answers you need to make the right decisions from someone who will not sell you anything! We are your consultant and only work for you!

Trained and Certified Home Inspectors

Since everyone’s energy and comfort goals are different, every home energy audit will start with a survey of your needs and goals. Together we will then discuss your energy use and future anticipated energy needs (electric car?).  Afterward we will conduct a thorough walk-through of your home, during which we collect over 50 pieces of data related to your home’s energy efficiency, from your windows and wall insulations to your heating and cooling systems, everything will get reviewed. Finally, we will compute our findings using an industry-leading energy calculator to estimate the energy use of a specific home/building, identify strategies to improve energy efficiency and develop customized recommendations for your energy improvements.

The report contains information about the efficiency of major systems in the home and recommendations for energy upgrades.

Schedule Your Inspection

Schedule your comprehensive Home Energy Audit today with one of our trained inspectors using our online scheduling tool.

For more information, or for advanced testing procedures (whole house air leakage testing/blower door testing) please contact our office.

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